Mayor on Radio Juventud

The mayor of Nerja, Rosa Arrabal Téllez, will be on Radio Juventud on Friday morning, July 24th, at 11:30 to review her first 40 days in office and to outline future projects in the municipality.

Mayor of Roquetas to appear in Court

The mayor of Roquetas and president of the PP in Almeria, Gabriel Amat, will be appearing in court on Monday, along with six other Councillors, relating to a re-zoning case which allowed the construction of villas on non-developable land.

Mayor of Cádiz facing charges

The mayor of Jerez, María José García Pelayo, has been called to answer charges of misappropriation and breach of trust following a complaint made by the former urban bus concessionaire Urbanos Amarillos.

Mayor or MP, the choice has to be made

Following the judgement of the Constitutional Court that it is incompatible to be both a Mayor and an MP in Andalucia, five PP Mayors have already made their decisions.

Time to choose

Members of the Andalucian parliament who are also mayors will have a maximum of one month to decide which of the two functions they wish to pursue once the Law of Incompatibility is published in the Official Gazette.