Armijo and PP win elections, but not as strong as in 2011

ArmijoJose Alberto Armijo and his Partido Popular once again won the municipal elections although he has lost the absolute majority. Armijo has been the mayor now for 20 years  and although his win isn’t as strong as previous campaigns, he did receive 42,62% of the vote.

    • The mayor has done some good things, agreed. However, I think the new situation could lead to a better deal for the actual people of the town, rather than just for a few local businessmen, the ‘party’ and the municipal coffers.

      The majority party, in this case the PP, should rule but now with a credible opposition able to curb the excesses and halt some of the misguided projects, El Playazo and the marina being two which spring readily to mind.

      Heaven forbid, we might even get ‘democracy’!

      If the two new parties enter into pacts with either the PP or PSOE, I believe this would be a betrayal. People (presumably) voted for the new parties to get away from the two-party system and for change, not to see them subsequently ‘join the establishment’.

  1. Ron T says:

    We have been connected with Nerja for many years, in that time the town has seen many improvements. If it had been under PSOE control, it would probably be bankrupt by now.

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