No absolute majority in Andalucia

The elections in Andalucia are over with the PSOE winning the most seats, although not enough for an absolute majority.

Election hopefuls and corruption

Despite corruption seemingly being rampant and both the traditional main parties pledging to clean up the system, both Prime Minister Rajoy (PP) and Spain’s former, and longest serving, Prime Minister Felipe Gonzalez have stated that politicians implicated in corruption cases should not be automatically excluded from the elections.

The circus comes to town

As if the past weeks, if not months, of political rhetoric and endless promises aimed at securing votes has not been enough, ‘official’ campaigning for the Andalucian regional elections begins at midnight tonight, Thursday.

PSOE ahead in the polls

The latest opinion poll conducted by Demoscopia shows the PSOE ahead with 20.7% of the votes, five points ahead of the ruling PP and six ahead of the new party Podemos.

World is stunned by this news

The election in Zimbabwe was a “huge farce”, PM Morgan Tsvangirai says, alleging vote-rigging by rival President Robert Mugabe’s camp. Wonder who the 116,195 over the age of 100 years on the electoral role all voted for? The UK has in the region of 12,600 people over the age of 100 years, by the way.

European parliamentary elections 2014

The European Parliament elections in 2014 will take place between Thursday May 22nd and Sunday May 25th rather than in June, as has been the case so far. The idea is to allow  more time to prepare for the appointment of the new President of the European Commission.


Low turnout in the elections and despite a victory for the PP it looks like more of the same with a PSOE-IU coalition. Doesn’t bode well for Nerja, or probably any other PP controlled municipalities for that matter, when it comes to getting things done. Unusual for all opinion polls to be so wildly incorrect.

PP win in Andalucia but no absolute majority

The Partido Popular has won the election in Andalucia but not, as was widely expected, with an absolute majority and it is quite possible that a left-wing PSOE-IU coalition could form the new government if deals can be made. The PP has 50 seats, the PSOE 47 and IU 12 seats.