Mayor of Estepona resigns after twenty-four years in office

The new Electoral Law of Andalucia deems it incompatible for a Mayor to also be an MP, forcing mayors to choose one position or the other, although MP’s are still permitted to also be Senators or MEP’s.

The Mayor of Estepona, Esperanza Oña, has today announced her resignation as Mayor in order to comply strictly with the new law which set a deadline of November 12th for decisions to be made.

Esperanza Oña, who has been Mayor of Estepona for 24 years, believes the new law to be ‘totally unfair’, particularly as MP’s can still also be members of the Senate or MEP’s. Esperanza Oña described her decision to resign as Mayor as the ‘most difficult’ of her political career.

She made the decision to resign on October 20th.

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