Councillor resigns

José Mariano Centeno has resigned his post as Councillor for the Ciudadanos party, citing personal and professional reasons for the decision.

Missing chimes

The director of programming and continuity at Canal Sur TV, José Luis Pereñiguez, has resigned his position in the wake of the fiasco which occurred on December 31st relating to the chimes for the New Year.

Mercé Pigem resigns from legal watchdog

Mercé Pigem, one of the twenty members of the General Council of the Judiciary (CGPJ), a body made up of judges and jurists which oversees the legal system in Spain, has resigned following an incident involving moving funds from Andorra to Spain.

UGT leader in Andalucia resigns

Hardly a days seems to go by when the headlines of the media are not dominated by alleged fraud, misappropriation, financial misdeeds or other cases of alleged corruption, covering every sphere of life from the royal family down through central, regional, provincial and local municipal governments.