La Bodeguilla

La Bodeguilla

I’ve always liked the barrel tables outside La Bodeguilla on calle Antonio Millón, Nerja, pass them every day, but never really thought of the bar as a ‘tapas bar’ as such. Don’t know why, maybe the location.

Until now, that is. What a find, and right on the doorstep. Well, almost. Everything’s relative.

The bar is quite small inside and does tend to get busy, very busy, so getting a seat is probably down to luck most of the time. There are only a couple of tables and, once again, they’re barrel tables.

labodeguilla2The first surprise was when ordering a drink, a free dish of olives. The olives have a distinctive flavour, can’t quite work out exactly what it is yet. Herbs, certainly, of some description, maybe garlic. I’ll just have to keep on enjoying them while I try to work it out, better, and more fun, than giving in and asking!

Right, so while you munch on the olives, you choose a tapa, and there are plenty on offer. There were at least twenty on display in or on the cabinets, and there were also maybe a dozen different cheeses to choose from.

labodeguilla4Salads, snails, tortilla, meatballs of several varieties, boquerones, pulpo, mushrooms, chick peas….a mouthwatering array to choose from. And behind the bar, never seen so many bottles of wine on display in a small bar, must be approaching one thousand at a rough guess.

Just had to try the pulpo, rather taken with that recently. Pretty good, lovely sauce. Not quite as tender as the (sauceless) fried pulpo in Los Pescaitos, but not far off. Good portions, too.

So, a beer, olives (healthy portion) and a tapa……€1.50. Excellent value.

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