An awful job, but someone has to do it

There are some jobs which, however awful they may sound, just have to be done by someone. Just spare a thought for the poor Swedish tax officials in their latest investigation.

In Sweden, prostitution is illegal, but webcam striptease is not. Tax officials believe that as many as 500 women are earning income from this activity, but not declaring it to the tax authorities. If they did, they’d lose around 50% of their earnings.

This undeclared income, usually an extra income for most people, is depriving the tax authorities of around €3.5 million per year. They want these people to register their activity as a business and fill in tax returns.

The tax authorities believe that the contact information provided on these websites is not always obvious and in order to identify the women, or girls, tax officials are having to watch all these webcams. A spokesman is reported as saying:

‘When we investigated the sites manually it worked better’

Bet it did.

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