Supermarket theft in Vélez-Málaga

In the early hours of Thursday morning, thieves broke into a supermarket in calle Joaquín Lobato, Vélez-Málaga.

The thieves entered via the roof of a neighbouring building and concentrated their efforts around the meat, fish and fruit counters, out of sight of any passers by out on the street.

Forcing a cash box in the meat section, the thieves ended up with 40 cents in shrapnel, so then decided they’d take food instead.

These consumate professionals gathered up 5 hams, 6 mature cheeses, 6 black puddings, 2 whole chickens, a few cans of beer, a torch and a screwdriver and then decided to call it a day.

However, a local police patrol was alerted by noises within the supermarket and went to investigate. The officers managed to capture one of the thieves but the other one got away.

The detainee, a thirty year old man, has a prior record for theft, often carried out with violence.

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