42,000€ worth of Jamon stolen while lorry driver takes a nap


More than 300 legs of Jamon were stolen from the back of a lorry on the Costa del Sol while the driver was sleeping. The brazen theft occurred a week ago at a petrol station in a service area in the early hours of the morning while the driver was having a rest on the Las Pedrizas motorway, in Malaga. …

Eleven arrested for stealing lead

National Police officers have arrested eleven people in connection with a number of thefts of lead from a shooting range in El Puerto de Santa Maria, Cádiz province.

Theft of €4,000 from church in Jaén

Police in Jaén are investigating the theft of €4,000 from the Iglesia de Belén y San Roque, money destined for local soup kitchens and other social works.

Two arrested for fruit thefts

National Police officers have arrested two people for allegedly stealing around 200 kilos of avocados, mangoes, chirimoyas and other citrus fruits from a farm in Almayate.

Thieves steal lottery tickets

Police are looking for thieves who stole a safe containing 600 one-tenth lottery tickets from a supermarket in Montilla.

Theft at social dining centre in Córdoba

On Monday, despicable thieves broke into a religious social dining centre in Córdoba and stole all the food, both fresh and frozen, as well as all the electronic equipment.