42,000€ worth of Jamon stolen while lorry driver takes a nap

More than 300 legs of Jamon were stolen from the back of a lorry on the Costa del Sol while the driver was sleeping.

The brazen theft occurred a week ago at a petrol station in a service area in the early hours of the morning while the driver was having a rest on the Las Pedrizas motorway, in Malaga.

While in a rush to get the Jamon to stores in Malaga ahead of the holidays, the driver decided to take a nap near Venta Cotrina while he waited for the establishments to open.

When he woke up at around 05:45 in the early hours of the morning he discovered that his truck had been broken into and that the Jamon was missing.


The driver was sleeping so soundly that he did not hear the robbers break into the back of his lorry and clear out over 300 legs of expensive Jamon.

With an average price of 140€ for each leg of ham, the thieves got away with 42,000 euros of easily sellable Jamon.

When realizing what had happened, the driver immediately called the National Police who are investigating the robbery.

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