looky looky, nooky nooky

In 2002, a Taiwanese carpenter by the name of Mr Lee (that narrows it down considerably) decided he’d have a nice quite evening at home watching a porno movie. Purchasing a DVD, entitled ‘ Affairs with Others’ Wives’, from a street vendor he settled in front of the TV.

It didn’t take long for him to spot that the woman in the movie, secretly taped at a motel, was his wife and that her lover was his friend, a butcher in the town. Anyone who didn’t see that one coming should be in politics.

Mr Lee divorced his wife and his friend did a runner.

In 2008, Mr Lee happened upon his former butcher friend and stabbed him in the thigh. He was obviously equally adept at killing as he was keeping his wife happy.

The butcher sued Mr Lee for causing bodily harm. Mr Lee tried to countersue for adultery but his run of bad luck continued, the event was beyond the five year statute of limitations.

The pair refused to settle their differences out of court and Mr Lee has now been indicted for causing actual bodily harm. However, for once he may be in luck. The prosecutor is only seeking a six month sentence which will, in all likelihood, be converted into a fine.

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