From the Daily Wag and Cleavage

Trawling through the press, as one does, I started to read about what I assumed was the hot news of the day, North Korea testing a huge atomic bomb (well, huge for them) and a short range missile (wonder where that one will be aimed?).

Then I saw the real news headline of the day:

Angelina Jolie eats chocolate cake shock!

What a fascinating story and a real in-depth insight into how a supermum, who manages, somehow, to make it to the front door of her home, unaided, with up to half of her brood (who are capable of walking) in tow, ate a small piece of chocolate cake in celebration of someone’s birthday.

Amazing to think that no-one has ever managed such a feat before, or so you would think as it merited full page coverage.

Can’t wait for the next spectacular revelation!

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