Hop to it

Crop circles are a phenomenon that regularly appear in many parts of the world, their origins being variously attributed to anything from ‘human hoax’ to ‘alien visitation’.

In Tasmania, however, the authorities believe they have the answer to crop circles which have been appearing in various poppy fields in the country.

Stoned wallabies!

Australia produces 50% of the world’s legally-grown opium, used to make morphine and other painkillers, and there have been regular reports of crop circles mysteriously appearing in a number of fields.

According to government officials, the cause is the wallaby, an Australian kangaroo-like marsupial. The wallabies wander into the fields, eat the poppies and then, as high as kites, proceed to hop around in circles.

There have also been reports of some sheep running round in circles after gorging themselves on the poppies.

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