Snowflakes on a balcony in Moscow

This is one of those occasions when the word ‘amazing’ is probably quite apt. Amazing macro-photography of individual snowflakes


Clouds often provide great photo opportunities, the shapes and colours can be stunning. The joy of cloudspotting: 10 incredible visions in clouds


Nice rare event to witness and photograph. Feeling a little peckish are we? Generous woodpecker feeds baby sparrow after its mother flew off leaving it in a flap

Nice feline photo

This is a very good close-up photo of a feline from the National Geographic. Cat

Houses in the forest

If you fancy living in a natural environment, what better than a forest house? Here are Top 10 Most Beautiful Forest Houses, ranging is style from the very rustic to very modern.


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Heart-warming stories

Animals are capable of so much more compassion, love, bravery, and ingenuity than most people realize. Many would probably actually argue that the statement doesn’t need the word ‘realize’. 14 Stories That Prove Animals Have Souls

Unlikely friendship

There are many cases of unlikely friendships in nature and here is one of them. Unlikely Friendship

A rare encounter

On November 16th 2013 I was very fortunate to encounter and photograph this extremely rare Albino Thick-knee in the wild. It is a member of the Stone Curlew family.

Bizarre natural phenomena

Snow chimneys, moonbows and frost flowers are just some of the items appearing in this list of The 7 Most Bizarre Natural Phenomena Caught on Camera