Interesting photos of a young bird of prey who eats rather too much – a whole Coot – and is just too stuffed to get up. The eyes say it all. Fat Hawk Down

Aww, cute

Some of these really do live up to the title of the piece, The Cutest Baby Animals in the World. The smile on the face of the baby sloth is priceless.

Spot the animal

Camouflage and nature go hand in hand, it’s often a matter of survival. Here someone has brought together a set of photos and posed the question, Can you find the hidden animals in these 20 wildlife photos?


It’s often about either patience or being in the right place at the right time and here are some great photos of some baby squirrels peeping out of their nest for the first time. Squirrels

Bears deep in thought

Some nice pictures of a number of different species of bears in a piece entitled Just Some Bears Thinking About Life


Animals can display some fascinating expressions, just like humans, and this is a collection of animal photos where ‘surprise’ is the theme. Animal Photos

Penguin profiles

The penguin is one of nature’s cute creatures, always popular and the subject of many films, cartoons and documentaries. Penguin profiles: 10 fascinating flightless birds

Helping the less fortunate

Animals and birds can have a hard time in winter and some species are on the decline, so here is some advice on How to help wildlife in your garden.

Squirrels and nuts

Some very good photos of a squirrel who managed to get into and, eventually, out of what is (obviously erroneously) described as a rodent-proof bird feeder. In Search of Nuts

Light show

A seven-hour ‘perfect magnetic storm’ produced what was said to be the best Northern Lights show of the year in northern England and Scotland last night. Northern Lights and some photos from the BBC. Photos