Nellie the Sea Otter

Nellie the Sea Otter lives at Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium in Tacoma, Washington and has been well-trained, and seems to enjoy her playtime.

All white on the night

Albino animals are quite rare and they certainly do look different from the norm. Here are some quite famous albinos from a rare Jackdaw to a Koala bear. Albinos

Mothering skills

Lisha, a labrador, may never have had any puppies herself but she has had plenty of experience of being a mother. A mother like no other

Well behaved quackers

A Chinese man regularly takes his 5,000 ducks for a walk along a busy road and claims never to have lost one in a road traffic accident. Ducks


You might have to wait a while until he comes back into view but here is a ‘live’ Giraffe-Cam.

Why do they glow?

Probably the question on almost everyone’s lips at some time or other, What is causing the waves in California to glow?

Moby Dick

Scientists have made what they believe to be the first sighting of an adult white killer whale off the coast of Kamchatka in eastern Russia. White Whale

Cute Baby Otters

These otters were born in early January at Aquarium Kaiyukan in Osaka, Japan, and the photos were posted in March 2012. Baby Otters


Puffins are funny little birds, considered clowns of the bird world, so one doing a Silly Walk would presumably be quite in character.

The three baby bears

Three cute little bear cubs born in December at Tripsdrill wildlife park in Germany have appeared in public for the first time. The Three Bears