Cheetah in slow motion

Cheetah’s are very smooth when they are running at high speed, their heads keeping pretty level and still as you can see in this slow motion video.

Sunset panorama

This a 360 degree 3D panorama of a sunset in Utah, USA and you can drag the scene around with your mouse. Utah Sunset

Taking the plunge

Some interesting photos of an endangered Amur Siberian tiger, living in captivity, as it takes the plunge off a waterfall. Taking the plunge

Scarier than Jaws

A famous photographer decided to take a few of his furry friends, a ball and a high resolution camera underwater. Underwater Photos of Dogs

Perfect timing

They do often say that ‘timing is everything’. Some of these shots are absolutely great. 36 perfectly timed animal shots

Starfish on the move

Starfish milling about on the ocean bed is the subject of this time-lapse video, although they don’t ‘mill’ at any great speed. Starfish

Some inspirational photos

The International Garden Photographer of the Year 2013 competition attracted thousands of entries from around the world and some of the photos are quite inspirational. Garden glory through a lens

Sleepy bear

Just like human babies, bear cubs can also have difficulty staying awake. Sleepy Bear Can’t Stay Awake


I must admit to not having heard of the Quokka, but it does look quite cute. Meet The Quokka, The Happiest Animal In The World

On the menu

Penguins have always been one of my favourite creature, so a little disconcerting to see one at the wrong end of the food chain. Very good photos, though. Swimming into jaws of death