Police nab man who robbed petrol station in Bormujos

Police officers chased and caught a man suspected of robbing a petrol station in Bormujos, Sevilla, last night.

At around 02:30, the authorities received a call to say that a man had hurled rocks at the door of a petrol station in Bormujos and then relieved the establishment of €400. A Guardia Civil patrol spotted a man running in the opposite direction to the petrol station and gave chase.

The man struggled and kicked as officers tried to detain him, injuring two of them, but they eventually managed to successfully subdue him. Upon being searched, the detainee was found to have €400 on his person and on the basis of this, was duly arrested on suspicion of robbery. He also faces charges of intimidation, disobeying a police officer and resisting arrest.

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