Major police operation in Bournemouth

Although there are continual complaints about lack of manpower, it’s good to see that, when necessary, the forces of Law and Order can muster sufficient strength to apprehend the really dangerous criminals in society.

Four vehicles and nine officers were recently involved in one such dramatic operation, ending with the arrest of a 42 year old desperado. Handcuffed, he was bundled into a police van and taken way.

The man was clocked speeding along Bournemouth promenade on his bicycle, a crime the authorities in the town take very seriously. Report a mugging or a burglary and you probably won’t get a response, but when it comes down to the serious stuff…..

A total of 69 people have so far been stopped for speeding along the promenade, the recommended limit being 10 miles per hour. However, as bicycles don’t have speedometers and the cyclist therefore has no idea he is infringing the law, there can be no prosecutions. Instead, offenders are ‘advised’ of the potential hazards involved in such criminal activity and sent on their way.

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