Bournemouth rocks

dominoThe loonies are starting to return with a vengeance!

Cash-strapped Bournemouth Borough Council, heading for a £2.4 million budget deficit at the end of this year, have just splashed out on two giant rocks.

The council has paid £70,000 for two giant blocks of granite. They are 18 feet high, weigh 26 tons and were bought from China!….that means they’re probably counterfeit, covered in toxic chemicals, likely to break after two weeks and leave you with a desire for another one within two hours...

Local sculptor Simon Hitchings was commissioned to carve to circles on the rocks to represent the sun and moon, although critics say the objects look like two giant dominoes.

This is the same council which voted to close down a primary school they deemed an ‘inadequate use of money’.

It is the same council which flattened the much-loved Winter Gardens concert hall claiming it was too expensive to run.

It is the same council that cut £200,000 from youth services as a cost saving measure, yet voted themselves a 36% pay increase at the beginning of this year.

All in all, not the sort of behaviour you would expect in the middle of a credit crunch. The council says that a survey of local residents resulted in 34 per cent saying they wanted some form of sculpture for Boscombe seafront. That means that 66% didn’t want a sculpture!! Pandering to minorities again.

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