Ice cream, unemployment and cars…

Looks like the ice cream shop towards the bottom end of avenida Castilla Perez will close before long, the ‘for sale’ sign is up. It hasn’t been there that long, a few months, but it also has not been very busy, even during the peak summer holiday season.

Spain is predicting 2.7 million unemployed, 19.8%, by the end of 2010, unemployment in the UK has hit a record high of 2.47 million….and they’re still trying to tell us the recession is over and the ‘green shoots’ of recovery are being seen! Someone’s had too much jungle juice.

The police have been busy on the dumped car scene. This one in Parque Verano Azul doesn’t even look like a wreck.

policestickersep4verano policesticker2sep4verano

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