Quick and easy ice cream

This looks rather quick and easy. 2 Ingredient ice cream without an ice cream maker.

Ice cream kiosks for Fuengirola promenade

Fuengirola Council has signed an agreement to procure 19 ice cream kiosks which will be made available to those with fewer resources, the Welfare Department being responsible for assessing applications.

Ice cream and you

You are what you eat as they say. So, What Does Your Favorite Ice Cream Flavor Say About You?

All about ice cream

I love ice cream, especially chocolate, so here’s a piece about the history of ice cream, rather than about recipes. Ice Cream

Order has been restored…

Equilibrium has returned to the world as we know it, proper order has been restored after a brief but strange state of flux and all is well once more. Yes, both ice cream ladies are now on the Balcon de Europa.

Surprises, carts and other things…

Such an unusual sight to see only one of the ice cream carts on the Balcon de Europa for the past few days. I can’t recall this having happened for many years. Could the rumoured decades-long family feud be over? It certainly must be something serious.


Ice cream, unemployment and cars…

Looks like the ice cream shop towards the bottom end of avenida Castilla Perez will close before long, the ‘for sale’ sign is up. It hasn’t been there that long, a few months, but it also has not been very busy, even during the peak summer holiday season. Spain is predicting 2.7 million unemployed, 19.8%, by the end of 2010, …