The green aura

Under UK Government plans, motorists and holidaymakers face paying hundreds of pounds a year more in ‘green taxes’, mostly fuel duty, to help….the environment? No, to help low earners.

Give us a break. These are not ‘green’ taxes, they are simply ‘taxes’, coloured to make people accept them more readily. The money doesn’t go towards helping the environment, it goes towards tax breaks for those in the low income bracket. Fair enough, but don’t label it ‘green’.

There is talk everywhere of adding an extra ‘green’ tax to plastic bags. If plastic bags are deemed environmentally unfriendly, then banning them and finding suitable alternatives is the only ‘green’, and honest, thing to do, anything else is just a money-making exercise shrouded in a green aura.

What are they actually saying? A free plastic bag is harmful to the environment, one you pay 10p for isn’t. It’s a big con.

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