El Chucho to be finished mid November

According to the latest information, the new promenade at El Chucho beach will be finished by mid November. This year, one assumes.

The Councillor for Beaches, Jonathan Méndez, has been meeting with the head of the Department of Coasts in Málaga, Francisco Hermoso, to discuss a number of projects, most of which remain firmly on the back burner.

One project is the construction of a new promenade at Torrecilla beach. The Department of Coasts is apparently working on the final project. The Councillor for Beaches pointed out that the Council has, for a long time, been requesting the placing of breakwaters at Torrecilla beach to prevent the perpetual erosion and suggested that the two projects should be combined.

Another item is a request, again long standing, to renovate the old defensive tower at the end of Torrecilla beach as is happening with the tower at Maro. Francisco Hermoso pointed out that the Torrecilla tower, being a total ruin, requires a completely different treatment to the one in Maro, which is in reasonable condition. Hermoso agreed to consult with the Department of Culture on the matter.

Also under discussion was the construction of a pedestrian bridge over the Rio Seco, the previous one having been destroyed by the floods two years ago. Although a request to build a new bridge was rejected by the Department of Coasts, Councillor Méndez asked that the Department of Coasts construct a bridge, even a temporary one, to allow residents of the area to cross the river on the occasions when it actually has water in it.

Other items discussed included improvements in access to the beaches in Maro and the construction of parking and picnic areas.

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