Here and there…

La Luna Llena on calle Chaparil has gone, work now going on inside, one presumes, for new owners. Hadn’t been in existence very long, although none of the bars in that spot have ever done any good.

The La Teja bar on avenida Mediterraneo is all cleared out. Shame, that one, very popular and good little tapas bar. La Teja restaurant is still going strong.

With the bar, it seems that the landlord got a bit greedy with his proposed rent increase on the premises. He now has an empty property instead of a regular income!

El Chucho beach, which is supposed finally to be finished by mid November, is coming along nicely.

elchuchooct26a elchuchooct26b

Looks like the beach area is going to be pretty sizeable. If and when the breakwaters in this area are installed then it should stay that way.

elchuchooct26c elchuchooct26d

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