New book

Iván Jullit, president of the Municipal Tourism Council and former president of the Association of Employers of Nerja, has written a book called ‘Nerja, municipio turístico: El turismo como motor de desarrollo socioeconómico’ – Nerja, a tourist town: Tourism as an engine of socioeconomic development.

Iván Jullit describes Nerja as a tremendous tourism asset but believes objectivity is often lost. He thinks that if the asset value was put into tourism as a whole it would be of such quality and magnitude as to distinguish Nerja from the rest of the region and the province of Malaga.

With this book, Ivan Jullit also hopes to open a debate on how to improve Nerja as tourist destination. The book is published by the Asociación de Empresarios de Nerja and the first edition consists of 1,000 copies which can be bought in the booksshops Europa and Pepe Som.

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