A Welcome Break

elchuchodec27bToday was a welcome break from the almost incessant rain, the sky clearing and the sun putting its hat on. Plenty of people emerged from the warmth and comfort of their homes to make the most of it, all hoping it will continue until the New Year celebrations, damp fireworks being somewhat overrated.

The new promenade at El Chucho is now open and in use. Odd that there was no official ribbon cutting and public back patting to celebrate its opening, although being about one year behind schedule could have had some bearing. It looks very nice, though.

The beaches have taken a bit of a pounding during the recent inclement weather and a lot of debris has been washed up onto the sand. Great for the kids because they have been building all sorts of structures.

El Chucho beach

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Torrecilla beach

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torrecillastickdec27 torrecillatepeedec27 torrecillatree

Even the moon was suitably impressed as to put in an appearance in a virtually clear blue sky.


In Plaza Fabrica de los Cangrejos, catching a few rays was the order of the day, as well as grabbing a bite to eat or a drink at one of the many bars and restaurants in the square.

cangrejosdec27a cangrejosdec27b cangrejosdec27c

cangrejosdec27d cangrejosdec27e

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