Removing Franco from Vélez-Málaga

The political groups in Vélez-Málaga, with the exception of the Partido Popular which abstained, have voted to withdraw the Gold Medal of Honour awarded to general Francisco Franco in 1964.

The corporation has also voted to rescind various honours awarded to those who took part in the coup or were collaborators under the dictatorship.

The Council also proposes to enforce the Law of Historical Memory which states that the government is obliged to remove Francoist symbols in streets, squares and public buildings and symbols, such as shields, badges, plates, objects and commemorative references  to the military rebellion, civil war and repression by the Franco dictatorship.

A committee will be set up to oversee adherence to the Law of Historical Memory and will seek advice when it comes to the renaming of streets, preference being given to those who have contributed to democratic rights, the defence of public dignity or assisted with the furtherance of women’s rights.

Politicians and visitors have apparently often commented on the number of streets and squares named after members of the Franco regime.

A list will be made of all those streets, squares etc that have explicit connections with the Franco regime.

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