The people choose, but the Council disagrees

The small municipality of Alpandeire still has no shield or coat of arms after the local government failed to approve the design chosen by the people of the area.

The design for the municipal shield was made after consultation with local residents who then voted for the one they would like, signatures being collected in local businesses.

The winning design was then produced by the company Sociedad Española de Heráldica y Vexilología at a cost of €2,800.

However, for the shield to legally valid, it has to be approved by two-thirds of the Town Council and three IU Councillors voted against the design. As a result, Alpandeire remains shieldless.

The bone of contention appears to be the inclusion of two crossed rifles signifying the resistance offered by Alpandeire during the French occupation (quite a while ago). The IU members contend that the symbol does not truly represent the history of the town.

Alpandeire currently displays the Real Privilegio de Villazgo granted by King Fernando VII.

Surely, if the people want the shield, the Council should want the shield as they are supposed to represent the people after all.

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