Ronda clean-up campaign

The Councillor for Parks and Gardens in Ronda, Josefa Valle, has launched an information campaign relating to the mandatory obligations regarding pets. Posters are being put up all over the town.

On public thoroughfares, animals must be on a leash and, in the case of dogs, if they weigh over 20 kilos or belong to a breed considered to be potentially hazardous they must be muzzled. The animals must also be accompanied by a responsible adult.

It is forbidden to leave behind animal excrement on public roads and thoroughfares, in parks, gardens or any public space.

Animals are also not allowed in children’s play areas or on lawns and it is also prohibited to wash an animal in public using public water sources or to allow the animal to enter a public water source.

Failure to comply with these regulations is punishable by a fine of up to €500.

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