Happy chappies and chapesses

A mixture of animated GIFs and ordinary images, some of them are excellent. One of my favourites is the Quokka. The 30 Happiest Animals Of All Time!

All white on the night

Albino animals are quite rare and they certainly do look different from the norm. Here are some quite famous albinos from a rare Jackdaw to a Koala bear. Albinos

Bioparc Fuengirola

Bioparc Fuengirola, formerly Fuengirola Zoo, is located in the centre of Fuengirola, about 500 metres from the railway station on Camilo José Cela. The parc is divided into distinct areas, these being Madagascar, Ecuatorial Africa and Southeast Asia, with each section containing a variety of flora and fauna. The parc is well laid out and, despite being relatively small in …

Blending in

Blending in is always a good idea, especially if you are on the small side and, therefore, nearer the lower end of the food chain. Most of these do a very good job of camouflaging themselves against their background, some do an excellent job. Camouflaged animals

Ronda clean-up campaign

The Councillor for Parks and Gardens in Ronda, Josefa Valle, has launched an information campaign relating to the mandatory obligations regarding pets. Posters are being put up all over the town.

Give them circuses…but no animals

A few countries in the world, not many, have taken the step of banning the use of wild animals in circuses, but one country has now taken the next step by banning the use of all animals, wild or domestic.

Crackdown on animal excrement

The Nerja Councillor for Public Health, Andrés Márquez, has announced plans for a campaign to rid the streets of dog, and other animal, excrement.