Crackdown on animal excrement

No Dogs, Nerja signThe Nerja Councillor for Public Health, Andrés Márquez, has announced plans for a campaign to rid the streets of dog, and other animal, excrement.

About time too, some people will say.

The campaign will initially last for three months but may be extended, depending on the results. Around 30 signs have already been put in place where people regularly take their animals to do their business.

There will be daily patrols covering the whole of Nerja and offending owners will be fined a minimum of €75 for a first offence, more if they become repeat offenders. This is being done under the national Ley de Tenencia de Animales and municipal ordinances of the same name, both of which have actually been in force, although rarely enforced, for several years.

In addition, dog owners will be asked to produce the necessary canine documentation and the animals will be checked for the compulsory microchips.

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