Poll suggests 86% disapproval rating for Zapatero

A poll commissioned by El Pais and carried out by Metroscopia shows that nine out of ten Spaniards have no confidence in Prime Minister José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, although only 53% favour an early election.

Distrust of the Prime Minister has reached 86%, with 84% believing he is just winging it with the financial crisis rather than having specific policies or ideas.

Around 72% of Spaniards believe the PSOE needs a new leader for the next elections, a view apparently shared by 59% of Socialist voters.

Some 64% of those polled believe that a change of government is necessary, the current ministers being considered unlikely to be able to solve the financial crisis. Only Interior Minister Alfredo Pérez Rubalcaba received approval for his management (53%) while the man with the highest degree of rejection is third vice-president Manuel Chaves, some 60% disapproving of his performance.

Although this latest poll suggests a snap election would result in a win for the Partido Popular by 10.5 points, the vast majority believe that, as with the PSOE, a new leader is required.

Around 68% disapprove of Mariano Rajoy and 60% of those polled believe a new leader is required before the next election.

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