Horses and trains

July is almost upon us and as yet no sign of the carriages, the relocation dispute still not resolved. One occasionally sees them being used for weddings, but apart from that, nothing.

The Council ordered the carriages to be relocated to Plaza Fabrica de los Cangrejos after designating the Balcon de Europa area as strictly pedestrian, not even permitting loading and unloading for businesses.

The carriage owners believe that moving to Plaza Fabrica de los Cangrejos will have a drastic effect on their viability and, therefore, livelihoods. The carriages have used the area in the past as a temporary base during building works and have suffered as a result.

The other thing missing is the tourist train/noddy train/wally trolley, call it what you will, which was supposed to be extending its route to cover Maro and the Nerja Caves.

It, too, has been relocated, from its old base in Plaza Cavana to the junction of avendia Castilla Perez and calle Antonio Millón, although no sign of it putting in an appearance yet.

There was a time when it would run almost year round and, for a short period, there were even two trains.

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