Spain 1 – 0 Holland

Football was the real winner in the end as Spain eventually overcame the animals Holland by a single goal, scored by Iniesta in extra time.

Holland began their usual tactics these days of trying to kick their opponents into submission within the first minute of play and it was a surprise to most that the first sending off didn’t occur until the first period of extra time, Heitinga receiving his marching orders.

How van Bommel remained on the pitch is a mystery worthy of Agatha Christie, but he did, and the Dutch even created a few chances when they weren’t intent on hacking their opponents to pieces. A disgraceful performance, to say the very least.

This was cynical football at its height, each foul followed by a kick to the shins, ankle or chest for good measure but, in the end, the best team emerged victorious. And full credit to the Spanish players for not rising to the bait as previous opponents of Holland, such as Brazil, did, and to their cost.

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