Burriana beach, August 3rd 2010…

Burriana beach, NerjaAll That Jazz on Burriana beach has closed its doors for the last time after many years in operation. I am led to believe that the place has already been sold and that the new owners are Italian, so presumably it will be another pizza joint, although you never know. We’ll just have to wait and see.

Despite it being a bit cloudy this morning it was certainly HOT. The vapour sprays now on many of the cafe terraces are a good idea. The Paradise is still one of my favourites, nice coffee, very friendly staff and they’ve been there for years.

Parking was, of course, quite a nightmare from quite early on, as usual at this time of year. It wasn’t made any easier by one English guy standing in a parking bay in front of his establishment effing and blinding as a Madrileño tried to turn into the spot and park. This backed up the traffic right to the end of the paseo and there was much honking of horns.

The hottest place was Adventura where the cunning plan was to have the aircon on and the doors wide open. Thirty seconds and I was soaked to the skin and melting. Had to go outside to cool off!

Ayo's, Burriana beach, Nerja Burriana beach, Nerja

All the various barbies were on the go, the aroma wafting along the beach….yummmmm….but soooooo hot when you get right next to them. The cooks must lose a lot of weight during the summer months.

At the other extreme was calle Carabeo this morning/lunchtime. After all those many months of roadworks, new infrastructure etc, the stench today was almost gut-wrenching at times. Not just at one point but in several areas. Ghastly it was.

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