Calle Carabeo, April 11th 2011

Work on calle Carabeo is still almost finished. The street is paved up to the Burriana apartments, just the section round the corner still to be done by the looks of it.

Calle Carabeo roadworks March 2nd 2011

Work on calle Carabeo continues, with one side of the road completely cobbled and seemingly finished. Just the other side to do, from number 78 to the end of the road.

Calle Carabeo update February 17th 2011

On January 27th 2011, the laying of the paving stones at the end of calle Carabeo had reached number 74, just past the steps down to Carabeo beach. Now, they are all the way up to number 78, so not too long before the whole thing is finally finished.

Calle Carabeo update, January 27th 2011

The roadworks in calle Carabeo, Nerja, have been going on for years now, but perhaps an end is finally in sight. Or at least just around a few more corners.

Calle Carabeo phases 3 and 4 to start shortly

Work on the last two phases of calle Carabeo, paving and asphalting, are due to start within the next couple of weeks with a predicted completion period of three months.

Final phases of the calle Carabeo works to start shortly

According to the Council, work on the final two phases of the calle Carabeo project, paving and asphalting, are due to start in the next couple of weeks. The work is budgeted at €210,000 and the estimated completion time is three months.

Burriana beach, August 3rd 2010…

All That Jazz on Burriana beach has closed its doors for the last time after many years in operation. I am led to believe that the place has already been sold and that the new owners are Italian, so presumably it will be another pizza joint, although you never know. We’ll just have to wait and see. Despite it being …

Calle Carabeo update July 8th 2010

Today was a veritable hive of activity on calle Carabeo, the most workmen (half a dozen) I have seen on the site in months, and working through the siesta.

Calle Carabeo, June 15th 2010

The seemingly permanent building works in calle Carabeo are at least moving along a little, with activity now down at the end of the street by the Burriana Apartments block.

Little progress in calle Carabeo…

Not much happening with the works in calle Carabeo. On Friday there was just one workman on the entire site and he was in the huge hole by the steps down to Carabeo beach and was engaged in the unenviable task of sweeping away the ‘water’ in the bottom….with a broom!