Beaches, TDT and Day of the Tourist…

Calahonda beach, NerjaThe temperatures may have plummeted a couple of degrees but it is still hot and there is still no wind to speak of. The main noticeable difference with the onset of September is, of course, the ability to actually find a parking space should you so desire.

The beaches are a lot less crowded now, although there should be a new wave of tourists arriving shortly, mainly those without families – and I don’t mean orphans, families without kids.

Friday and Saturday is an extended Day of the Tourist with an evening concert each day and a firework display.

There is now a whole host of new channels for TDT, some already up and running, some preparing to broadcast, so it is worth re-syncing your receiver. Amongst the new channels are la Sexta 2, La Sexta 3, Boing, Andalucia 10, LA 10, Nitro and MTV.

It took me ages to re-sync my receiver. After a long time of cursing in between attempts, I eventually had to resort to the manual!

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