Maro Feria programme

The Feria de las Maravillas takes place in Maro from September 7th to September 11th with a variety of activities taking place each day.

Tuesday 7th

18:00 – Parade through the streets with the group Los Tropicales.

18:30 – Floral tribute to the Virgen de las Maravillas at the church to the accompaniment of the choir Peña Mareña.

21:00 – Firing of rockets.

22:00 – Pregón by Amalia Gálvez with the group “Nunca es tarde”.

Election of the Feria Queen etc.

00:00 – Music with the group ‘La, la, la’.

Wednesday September 8th

09:00 – Floral tribute with Los Tropicales.

12:00 – Mass with the choir Peña Mareña.

21:30 – Procession of the Virgen de las Maravillas, firework display and choirs.

Dancing with music by the group Alalba.

Thursday September 9th

11:00 – Floral tribute.

13:00 – Ham and cheese tasting courtesy of Catering Córdoba.

17:00 Street Race

17:30 Tribute to the Seniors with entertainment by Macarena and the choirs and dancers of Maro. Election of the Senior Feria Queen and Caballero followed by music and dancing with the group Alalba.

Friday September 10th

11:00 – Floral tribute

13:00 – Feria de Día in the Plaza de Maro with Paella, courtesy of Ayo, and musical performances by Plácido and Angela Muñoz (flamenco).

18:00 – Activities for children including a performance by the magician Luigi.

21:00 – Music and dancing with the group Camandú.

Saturday September 11th

11:00 – Floral tribute.

13:00 – Feria de Día in the Plaza de Maro with callos, courtesy of Al-Andalus, and a performance by the group ‘Nunca es tarde’.

21:00 – Performance by the group ‘Camandú’.

00:00 – Concert by ‘Natalia y Maka’ followed by dancing until dawn and a closing firework display.

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