Disagreement over the price of olives

ASAJA, the Málaga Association of Young Farmers, has denied reports by the Federación Agroalimentaria of the UGT union that they are selling table olives at a price of €0.80, saying that the price of Hojiblanca olives has fallen to €0.33 in October.

According to ASAJA, olive farmers are disillusioned by the current situation, which has seen the price of the Hojiblanca olives, the most popular in the region, drop to €0.36 on October 13th and then to €0.33 on October 14th. Due to the winter rains and a quality crop, the outlook for farmers had been far more promising and many farmers have now become discouraged.

ASAJA also claimed that another UGT statement relating to wages was also erroneous. The UGT apparently stated that the wage being paid to harvesters in the area was €46.85, whereas ASAJA maintain that the figure is actually €41.90 as per the Country Convention signed by ASAJA, the UGT and CC OO.

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