Standing out

The ladies who sell their bodies for pecuniary reward in Els Alamus, Cataluña, now have to wear fluorescent jackets whilst plying their trade along the LL-11 highway near the town, the Catalan police now enforcing general rules designed to prevent road traffic accidents.

The road traffic law states that pedestrians on major highways or hard shoulders must wear fluorescent jackets, a law introduced in 2004 to prevent the deaths of motorists whose cars have broken down on major roads. Police say they are not singling out theses ladies but are merely enforcing the general regulations.

Failure to comply with the law results in a €40 fine for being a danger to moving traffic.

The townsfolk have long complained about these ladies operating in the area and the local Mayor, Josep Maria Bea, has been trying to force them out of the area.

Prostitution is not illegal in Spain and it is thought that one in four Spanish men have paid for sex.

The fluorescent jackets certainly make the ladies easy to spot, whatever the motive.

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