Operations postponed in Ronda Hospital

The delegate for the Medical Association of Málaga (SIMM) in Ronda, Cristóbal Avilés, stated that five operations were postponed at the hospital yesterday as a result of a shortage of anesthesiologists.

The union representative stated that there are currently four anesthesiologists whereas a total of seven are needed and added that theatres will continue to be closed during the coming weeks if new staff are not found.

Only normal medical duties and operations which cannot be postponed would be carried out until the situation is resolved.

Several weeks ago, one of the anesthesiologists left the hospital to take up a permanenet position at another facility, having rejected the offer of temporary contract in Ronda. Last Thursday, another doctor left to take up a position in Granada.

The Health Service in Ronda acknowledges the shortage of anesthesiologists and says it is working on resolving the problem.

Last summer in Ronda it was a shortage of gynecologists which caused problems.

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