Better than a pile of bricks

Scottish artist Susan Philipsz has landed the £25,000 Turner Prize for an art work that cannot actually be seen as it is an audio recording, the first time the prize has been awarded for setting up a stereo.

Philipsz records herself singing 16th century laments and plays them in unusual locations, including supermarket aisles and a series of bridges over the Clyde in Glasgow. If a non-artist did that they’d be arrested for disturbing the peace.

On this occasion, Philipsz recorded three versions of the song Lowlands Away for her installation which plays in an empty room in the Tate Britain gallery.

According to the jury:

Lowland provokes both intellectual and instinctive responses and reflects a series of decisions about the relationship between sound and sight, providing powerful sculptural experiences.

Maybe you just have to be there as it just sounds like a song being played in an empty room. Whatever turns you on, I suppose.

My entry for next year can neither be seen nor heard, so expect to be odd-on favourite.

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