Nerja Green Party denounce election irregularities

The Nerja Green Party has denounced what it considers to be irregularities in Nerja relating to informing foreigners about their voting rights in the upcoming municipal elections in May 2011.

According to the Greens, the census lists should be available and on display but are being hidden and, they believe, possibly under orders from officials.

The Greens contend that, at the information desk, it is being said that the lists will be available mid-January, coinciding with the deadline for registering to vote and this is impeding the rights of foreigners who want to vote.

The Greens are intending to report the matter to the Electoral Board and, at the same time, carry out a campaign to help and inform foreigners about voting rights and how to exercise them.

  1. Marilyn Evans says:

    I would like to know how to contact the green party, if it is possible . Thankyou

  2. I have lived in Nerja for 5 years but have never voted as I have found it impossible to get information about registering to vote or even where to go to vote. I would be very interested in receiving information about this as myself and my husband really want to have our say in local elections. After all, we pay our taxes too and are affected by the actions of the Council. Thank you.

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