Hostelry trade report huge losses as a result of the new smoking laws

The president of the Federación Andaluza de Hostelería, José Manuel Ledesma, has stated that the industry has suffered heavily in the first week of the smoking ban in cafes, bars and restaurants.

Based on the first week of the new law, Ledesma calculates that the industry could lose about €20,000 million during a whole year.

Establishments which had already had to invest in expensive restructuring to accommodate special smoking areas under the old law were now having to remove these and equip terraces with lamps, heaters and umbrellas.

The bars and restaurants have accepted the new law, although they do not like it, and it seems to be costing them dearly. During cold or wet periods, people will not, of course, use the terraces and may then only pass through the bar for one drink.

Around 31% of Andalucians are said to be smokers and the Federation contends that around 65% of visiting foreign tourists are smokers. For these people, one would imagine a bar with a terrace would be the chosen venue for an evening out rather than one with no terrace or outside area.

On these grounds, some places could well draw at least some benefit from the new law.

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