Early stage of Burriana car park project

Preliminary work is being carried out in preparation for the eventual construction of the fourth underground car park in Nerja at Burriana beach.

The company Geoner has been sinking a series of holes, six in total, to a depth of 25 to 30 metres to provide a geotechnical study of the area.

Samples will be sent away for analysis to determine, amongst other things, whether any additives will be required for the concrete to be used in the construction.

The study will also give an indication of the feasibility of constructing an extra floor to the car park, making it four-storey rather than three-story.

Once the results of the study are known, technicians can then begin working on the initial draft project.

It is the intention to finance the project through a preferential, 15 year loan of €3 million.

  1. Good to hear that they are at last addressing the parking problem at Burriana – where excatly are they proposing to build the multi-storey car park ?

  2. Great news, I would like to work on this project. I am a field engineer, with 25 years in the concrete forming highrise sector.
    Anyone knowing the General contractors name would be helpful!

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