TDT signal problems in coastal areas

The recent warmer weather has, as was widely expected, been causing problems with TDT (Terrestrial Digital Television) signals in some coastal areas, most notably in Torrox, Vélez-Málaga and Algarrobo, as well as in Cádiz.

The problem is a phenomenon known as the Bay of Málaga Maritime Screen whereby during hot weather, the sea acts as a giant mirror and reflects the TDT signal coming from Mijas.

During the past week of hotter weather, this has left around 10,000 with either intermittent TV signals or, in some cases, the complete loss of some channels, Telecinco in particular.

Improvements were made to the transmitter in Mijas laste last summer but these are not considered either long term solutions or sufficient to prevent further problems, especially during the long, hot summer.

TDT installers and technicians have been kept very busy with call outs in coastal towns, particularly during the Real Madrid-Lyon Champions League match and the screening of 23F programmes, but in the majority of cases they have been unable to do nothing about the situation.

It looks very much like some coastal areas will once again suffer persistent signal problems when summer arrives.

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