Free consultancy and technical assistance

The Ministry of Tourism, Trade and Sport in collaboration with the municipality of Nerja is offering travel and tourist service companies a free consultancy and technical assistance for the implementation of management and environmental quality systems.

The overall objective of the project is to contribute to improving the competitiveness of the tourism sector in Nerja with the implementation of systems of quality and environmental management by strengthening the culture of quality.

This would then lead to an increase in the number of establishments certified under standards such as the Q for quality, ISO 9000 or ISO 14,000. The aim of the technical assistance is to help establishments such as travel agencies, hotels and restaurants achieve the desired certification.

  1. As a regular tourist of lovely nerja for over a decade it has become apparent that some things have become more of an issue when walking through the beautiful centre of town.
    1. Begging has become more of an issue, as i have never seen so many beggars in the balcon area. It makes me sad , when i see this and it is an issue that needs to be addressed to help the beggars and ensure they have opportunities to enjoy quality of life. I remember seeing a local boy begging with a pair of crutches adjacent to the old tourism office during the day. I again saw this boy in the evining drinking cider and dancing next to the church square.
    I feel the local authorities need to review the issue of beggars and assist with the needy but be firm with those who wish to abuse the system.

  2. As a regular tourist to nerja the issue of raw sewage at the beach is a very high priority for concern. Over the summer months for the last few years it has become a daily occurance during my holiday to see the sewage trail appear less than 100yds from the beaches adjacent to the balcon where many tourists ad locals swim. this is a massive blow to a beach enviroment that on the surface looks as clean as to deserve the blue flag for cleanliness. How sad am i to find that nerja is still without a decent sewage facility amongst the costas and is still lagging behind all the other resorts in tackling the issue of sewage into the sea. In what I believe is one of the best tourist assets within spain it saddens me that the sewage plant is still not finalised and subject to being built.

  3. The designer dog seems to be an issue with locals in the nerja area. I see the same issue in the UK however their is in place a punishment for letting the dogs Poo! and the owners not putting it in a plastic bag and placing it in a suitable bin. Maybe the local authority needs to have dog Poo bins placed around the nerja town centre tourism hotspots to ensure the tourists do not have to hop, skip and jump through the streets to avoid the Dog Poo, which has become a regular issue. I must say i miss the horse poo on the balcon but at least the horse owners had bucket and spade to hand.

  4. The next issue for contension is the removal of the horses from the Balcon, what a big mistake, please reconsider ? you have lost a wonderful tourist asset. Also i love to sit at the Balco de europa terrace and listen to local musicians playing their finest musical ballads. the need for music on the balcon is a must. regulate thge musicians, give local musicians the chance to shine amongst a truly international audience, the nerja X factor can generate revenue, have a balcon festival of music, as the spanish love their festivals.

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