Signs of the times

Nerja, sign on binsSigns are appearing at the waste management reception points advising residents of the correct times for depositing waste materials into the containers. The hours are 21:00 to 24:00 in the winter and 22:00 to 24:00 in the summer.

  1. has the re cycle culture appeared in nerja as it has in UK ? we have so many seperate bins to place before the refuse collection teams it seems that anything we decide to identify as rubbish has a specific bin. I am all for recycle and its future but wonder if espania has a policy within nerja to cover this issue ?
    Maybe specific recycle bins on the costa beaches will produce a revenue for companies who wish to develop this form of collection along with the many restaurants and bars and therefore make a profit for the recycle companies, and therefore enable them to offer a tarrif to the local authorities to keep the beaches clean and promote the recycle of bottles and glass. As tourism is a big revenue for the costas it seems to me that there can be benefit for all parties to promote the recycle issue, and enable the local community to benefit from the continued blue flag beaches it strives to promote. If you keep the beaches clean the tourist will be happy and it can only be good for the local economy. If we can ensure the recycle policy offers monies to the local authority it may then be able to fund the beach patrols that offer a confort to all locals and tourists alike who use the extensive costa beaches to the full. as tourists we are used to the recycle culture so it should be an easy system to adopt.

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