Underground rubbish containers to be improved

The Council has started to replace the opening system on the existing underground rubbish containers due to frequent problems encountered which made them difficult to open and caused jamming.

Council acquires new rubbish containers

The Council has acquired a total of 103 solid waste containers and a further 120 for use with plastic waste, these to be installed throughout the municipality in the coming days.

Taxpayer money up in smoke

During 2012, vandalism to rubbish containers in Málaga, many through burning, cost the Council, and by default the taxpayer, €214,000. In 2011 the figure was €129,000 and in 2010 it was €210,000.

Plans for more rubbish containers

There are plans to install a further 150 rubbish containers in various areas of the town as part of plans to improve rubbish collection and recycling. In addition, the following water rates bill will include information on the importance of recycling.

Rubbish containers being repaired

The Department of Cleaning and Urban Ecology has started to repair some of the underground rubbish containers, some having deteriorated over time, others having been vandalised.

Signs of the times

Signs are appearing at the waste management reception points advising residents of the correct times for depositing waste materials into the containers. The hours are 21:00 to 24:00 in the winter and 22:00 to 24:00 in the summer.

Second Plan Zapatero projects in Torrox

In Torrox, work has already started on a number of projects under the State Fund for Sustainability and Local Employment, known as Plan Zapatero 2. These projects include the construction of a dozen ecological islands and the placing of various underground rubbish containers, the budget for this work being €300,000.

Quick work…

A mere couple of years after installation, the underground rubbish bins have been taken out of their protective wrappers and are ready for use! However….